Fiber optic line selection should pay attention to the six problems do not make mistakes

At present, optical fiber and network cables are the two most widely used transmission methods, in these two ways, optical fiber has the advantages of long transmission distance, fast transmission speed, and data throughput is much greater than the network cable, we can basically meet the high demand for network transmission, minute by minute network kill line. How to choose fiber optic cable? Today Ozawa to talk to you about the choice of optical fiber光纖接頭!

First, what is the problem of fiber optic connectors?

When buying fiber optics, you should first determine what fiber optic connectors to buy. The common fiber optic connectors are SC, FC, LC and ST.

SC: connectors are rectangular connectors, usually used in routers and switches.

Fc: connectors are round fiber optic connectors, usually used for odf fiber optic wiring frames;

LC: connectors are square connectors, commonly used in routers.

ST: connectors are round connectors, commonly used in wiring frames through fiber optic networks.

MPO/MTP: consists of two high-precision plastic molding connectors and fiber optic cable, using a miniaturized design, high density, stable and reliable connection. Multi-core small size fiber optic patch cords are used in high-density integrated line environments.

These connectors are physical connectors with the same function except for different shapes, and the fiber patch cords are not directional and can be interchanged. During the purchase process, you first need to determine the connector of the device to which the fiber is connected.

Second, single-core or dual-core?

After the connector is determined, we need to determine whether the single-core patch cable or dual-core patch cable. According to the different number of patch cord cores, single-mode fiber can be divided into single-mode single-core fiber patch cord and single-mode dual-core fiber patch cord.

Is it single-mode or multimode?

According to the transmission mode can be divided into single-mode fiber and multimode fiber.

Single-mode fiber: the center carries a thin glass core, which can only transmit the light of one teaching mode. The core diameter is very small, theoretically allowing only a single information dissemination development path of direct incoming light incident to the fiber, and in the core for linear motion propagation. Suitable for enterprise long-distance data transmission.

Multimode fiber: the central glass core is thicker and can transmit multiple modes of light. Due to the larger core diameter of multimode fiber, different modes of light can be transmitted on a single fiber. The propagation constants and group rates of each mode are different, making the fiber narrow band width, large dispersion and loss, suitable for short and medium distance fiber optic communication systems.

Fourth, what is the length and diameter of the wire?

Determine the required fiber length and filament diameter. For example, mountain fiber patch cord diameter is currently 3.0 mm.

5. What is the grounding method of fiber optic connectors?

There exist three more common ways to grind the fiber endface finish are PC, UPC, and APC.

1.PC (physical, contact), body contact. Microsphere grinding and polishing, core surface grinding into a small ball, the fiber core is located at the highest point of bending, can effectively reduce the air gap between the fiber components, so that the two fiber end surfaces to physical contact.

2. Ultra-physical end UPC. The end face of a UPC connector is not completely flat and has a slight bend for a more precise fit. UPC is based on PC more optimized end polishing and surface finish, the end face looks more domed.

Figure 3. The angled body contact is an angled body contact. Fiber ends are typically ground to an 8° bevel, which makes the fiber end more compact and provides better connection performance by reflecting light through the bevel to the cladding rather than directly back to the light source.


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